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Is Paphos for you?

Here are a few Q & A about Paphos

If you have anything specific to ask, please just contact me.

What's the weather like?

Perfect, I was bound to say that!

Jan- Mar are the coolest, can be wet but generally perfect cycling weather.

Apr-Jun & Oct-Dec

The best months, warm, settled and ideal temperatures for cycling. Infrequent rain, occasional storms late in the year, but never more than a day lost to inclement weather.


Summer, hot, frequently humid.

Are the roads busy?

Paphos is on the coast, along the coast and around town, roads are busy but not dangerous, tourists aside! Indicating at junctions is not guaranteed, but that's no different to anywhere else in the world. Take any road inland and you are into perfect cycling terrain, quiet roads, great scenery, challenging climbs and sweeping descents.

Oh and we have goats......

What are the road surfaces like?

Generally the tarmac is fantastic and well maintained, inland as a rule surfaces are again great, you can take some cross country routes and get concrete and gravel roads to keep things interesting.

Can I get coffee?

Yes, it's a national pastime!

About Paphos: FAQ
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