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Polis and Quarry

Ride from Paphos to Peyia and then pick up the route, up to Kathikas and then down to the coast via Polemi, returning up the Quarry road with spectacular views across the Akamas.


Ride from Paphos to Peyia and pick up the route, up to Kathikas, fast descents and then the main climb up to the village of Panagia, amazing inland views await. Descend down through Choulo then climb back up to Tsada where you look down on Paphos

Tourists Delight

Do the tourist thing! Coral Bay, Sea Caves (make sure you see the shipwreck) down to Agios Georgious Harbour and then back via the short climb to Peyia, take in the views of Paphos on the way back.

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Villages and Vineyards

Start at the Papantonios in Chloraka and begin climbing straightaway through the farms, once over the top, its the Villages and Vineyards that keep on coming until you are back in the Valley for the run back to Paphos.

Green Mountains and Churches

Start in Polis for this one, but you can ride from Paphos and pick up the route, adds about 60km.

From Polis, the stepped climb up to Stavros for the Church, the scenery up here is amazing, your in the trees a lot, with the views coming and going. Follow the Cedar Valley back to Panagia and then its descending all the way back, amazing views all the way

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