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Cycling during Covid

One word has dominated cycling during covid, Zwift.

Zwift, lets not beat around the bush here, there are other platforms, but in a world where size seems to count, its number 1, myself like countless others around the world no doubt, have developed a mild addiction to the online gaming platform during Covid, it might not be perfect but I cant think of a better way to train and get some frustration out by some ritual thrashings at the hand of others from all corners of the world!! And luckily you are never too far away from coffee and beer or both!

Here on Cyprus, we have been in a semi-rigid lockdown during 2021, essentially we can move, so long as a text message is sent and approval received from the government, for up to 3hrs, twice a day, there are a variety of reasons you can choose to request the leave for and luckily cycling (ok, all exercise) is allowed, you can back to back your messages, and 6hrs cycling would be possible, with a young family and those responsibilities, I have not back to backed! Plus with all cafes closed and no outdoor stops allowed, more than 3hrs would be a challenge!

We are limited to riding with one other, or groups of 5 as long as one of you is a coach, i have not taken up the group of 5 option as essentially saying I am a coach would mean weekly Covid tests, whilst this is a good thing, I really don't have a need to stand in a queue for 2-3 hours every Sunday. So larger group rides will wait.

Hopefully March the 1st will bring the good news that cafes can re-open, tourists can start to come back to the island and a sort of normal life can begin to take hold again, Mediterranean Islands are supposed to be enjoyed by the masses not just the locals!

My view....... Frequent blue skies and indoor riding!!

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