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Everest - A Year On

This time last year I attempted an Everesting, got injured and had to abort but managed the Basecamp achievement, so with the scratch still to be itched, once again I got up at 430 to crack it.

Using the same hill but a different strava segment, after last years attempt on a 6km segment and 22 repeats, this year i settled on 3.4km and 36 repeats, shorter but slightly harder segment, essentially the bottom section of the climb. Its really good, avg 7% gradient and only 1 very minor side road junction on the descent, giving me around 17mins up and 4 mins down time.

I planned on stopping every 6 climbs for 10mins R&R, and also taking a small bitesize snack each descent just to keep on-top of the fuelling needs. And approx. 200ml of water, 200ml electrolyte each alternate lap - I was more concerned about running out of energy and dehydration than I was of not completing the Everesting.

I had a small support team for the duration of the day, handling feeding duties and would be supported by members of the local cycle community during the ride, dropping in and out doing a few climbs with me, invaluable support.

So, at 0534 i clipped in and began the ride, cold (for Cyprus) and dark with the support car following as a safety precaution, halfway up the 2nd ascent i was joined by my first rider and wouldn't be alone for the next 13hrs.

Climb, snack, drink, descend, repeat..

3hrs in, 80kmh on the oh shit.. front wheel spoke had popped, slowed down for the remainder of the descent, turned at the bottom, shouted at the support car (front wheel) and off they sped to the camp and I slowly climbed back up, halfway, there was the team with the spare wheel, quick change and off I went.

And so the first 8hrs went, then the inevitable bad spell, I think i was all carbed out, in my concern of not running out of fuel I think I just had too much carbs and not enough sugar, anyway my gut said enough is enough and I felt really bad, I told the support crew and left them to it, apparently i was pretty grumpy!! And i really don't remember hours 8-9! I pulled in to stop and was given a stomach settler and off I went again, slowly I came round, but now conscious of the gut I went to Jelly Babies, flat coke and a few gels to get me through the final 6hrs. Also I knew I was going to do it once I came back to the land of the living, in my head i was over any problem and now it was just a case of repetition.

I did inevitably slow down towards the end and moved from 6 to 5 then 4 and 3 reps, but only by a few minutes each climb was added, and I also got really cold as dusk came, a good few laps before my support crew started to wrap up.

An so at 1945, 14hrs and 10mins after I clipped in, I rolled over the top of the final ascent, job done. 13hrs and 5 in the saddle and just 1hr 5 off the bike. JOB DONE!!


243km in total

8904m Climbed

13hrs 18mins pedalling

129 Avg HR per climb

192 Avg Watts per climb

Pretty Consistent across the day.

Finally, what did i eat.. here is what i think i consumed in the end.

2 x Snack Pork Pies (cut into 1/4 portions)

2 X Raisin Whirls (cut into 1/4 portions)

1 x Snack Size Chocolate Croissant

4 x 50gm porridge portions/ sugar/ raisins

2 x 50gm rice pudding portions/ honey/ raisins

4 x 6d Nutrition Cake Bars (cut into half portions)

6 x 6d Nutrition Orange Gels

1 x SiS Apple Gel

12 x 1 inch square homemade flapjacks

4 x Peanut Butter/ Jam Sandwiches (white bread, no crusts, half portions)

4 x 190gm Bags Jelly Babies (taken in 4 or 5 sweets a time!)

10 x snack size Mars Bars

16 x 200ml of Water

16 x 200ml of SIS Electrolye

4 x 330ml Coca Cola

1 x Double Espresso

1 x Cup of Soup

And finally, a thank you to all who supported me..

Steelie - Chef Du Mission, bottle handler extraordinaire, timekeeper

Janice - Support Car, Carer, Inspiration

Bob - Have no words, thank you. Over to you in 2023 :)

Andy - Morning Relief

Albert - Relief 1

Steve - Relief 2

Ralph - Relief 3

Paul - Jelly Baby support

Liz - Chocolate Croissants

John/ Frederick and Mia - Relief 4 and support during the rough hour!

Tim - Relief 5, Just one more lap then

George - Bottle handler and shuttle run expert

Ann - MUSIC and Evening Support Car

Shaun - Relief 6, The last few laps of trash talk and beers!!

Ride Easy Bikes - Paphos - 6d Nutrition supplies, Garmin 530, Continental GP5000 tyres. HJC Helmet, Suplest Shoes.

Casp CC - , The shorts!!

And finally my wife and 2 sons for their support in advance and during and then the day after!! Love you all xx

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