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Mince Pie Run

One of the many things that cycling has bought me is friendship around the world, moving to Cyprus, meant it all had to start again, meet new people, find new rides, continue some old traditions.

The new friends came in the way of the Happy Cyclists group, what was myself and Janice doing a short 1hr ride, has now grown into a nice small group of live-in expats riding together during the week and drop-in residents who join when they are on island and looking for a group ride, out of small acorns do big things grow... or something along those lines.

One of the traditions I've tried to Introduce is the Mince Pie Run, something that begin as a teenager (a very long time ago!) with the Solihull Cycling Club, very simply, a short social run to a pleasant location for coffee, mince pies and mulled wine.

With Covid restrictions in place, the coffee shop was out of bounds, but the lovely village of Kouklia has a very pleasant seating area, close to tavernas and coffee shops, that wasn't taped off, so this was the chosen location.

I provided the mince pies and mulled wine, and the 6 on-island members of Happy Cyclists who could make the morning had a very pleasant 60km ride, with a couple of mince pies and cups of mulled wine each.

Not a bad way to start the Christmas festivities, hopefully next year we have a few more join us.

Food and Wine... Xmas Style

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